Scaling Self Selection

Team self-selection is a growing ‘opt-in’ approach to building successful Lean/Agile teams, with resulting reports of increased effectiveness.

Are there lessons we can learn from this in our wider Organisational Transformation approaches?

Creating the agile leadership team

Emil Vikström

Emil Vikström

Agile management consultant at Avega Group
I work as advisor and coach to leaders and development teams.

My specialities are efficiency in IT, leadership, management innovation and people development
Emil Vikström
One common problem in Agile/Lean organizations is that after you’re done with creating cross-functional teams and implementing agile planning and prioritization you reach a sort of “cap” of organizational performance and evolution. This can usually be seen in...

Scrum team of leaders

Victoria Normark

Victoria Normark

Consultant at Avega
Victoria Normark is an IT process expert and coach with proven leadership skills. She has a passion for helping companies to improve their daily work by improving processes and restructure the organization. She has hands on knowledge from line management.
Victoria Normark

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When I first became managers’ manager I had a dream of a Scrum team of leaders. The basic reasons for this was the same as for any Scrum team. Especially to make the team less vulnerable by giving all the same information at the same point in time (morning...
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