The Optimisation Displacement


Lean and Agile thinkers are (rightfully) obsessed with improvement. It’s baked into our DNA whether via Kaizen or the Agile Manifesto and its Principles. So we regularly Inspect and Adapt, picking impediments and opportunities to improve and setting target states for what Better looks like.

And while (if we’re working well) we achieve our target state, it doesn’t seem to feel any Better. Customer outcomes don’t really change, and we wonder whether we’re just satisfying our own self-image and ability to claim lots of improvement benefits to our peers and bosses.

Is there something about the way we run continuous improvement that misses something important?

From this talk, the audience will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of local -v- systemic improvement
  • Express several common sources of local sub optimisation
  • Hypothesise options for how improvement could run in their context
  • Understand the need for alternatives to traditional Lean/Agile organisation structures.

Talk Details

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Change Agents, Coaches, Consultants
Beginner & Mid Level

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