SAFe City Simulation – Version 2

SAFe City Workshop: WSJF Portfolio & Program Prioritisation In Practice

Previously given at

  1. Agile in the City, Bristol, November 2017
  2. Scotland Lean Agile Scotland, October 2015
  3. Norway Booster Conference, March 2016
  4. Ireland Sweden Internal Customer workshops

Don Reinertsen’s fully quantified Cost of Delay model for prioritising backlogs sourced from many stakeholders is inspired, but many organisations struggle with implementing it and abandon attempts to have a rational discussion about value because it’s too hard to quantify in real money. And often, it is hard to forecast real money, and other, hard to quantify, factors such as Risk and brand really do play a part in understanding value.

This simulation provides a concrete model that enables exploration of a practical CoD prioritisation and sequencing approach (based on the version used in SAFe) and an experience of operating it in a group setting.

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