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A selection of significant quotes from people who have influenced me. Feel free to take and use the images.

Deming on Merit Ratings

The idea of a merit rating is alluring.

The sound of the words captivates the imagination: pay for what you get; get what you pay for; motivate people to do their best, for their own good.

The effect is exactly the opposite of what the words promise.

W Edwards Deming

Deming on Training

Money and time spent for training will be ineffective unless inhibitors to good work are removed.

W Edwards Deming

Deming on Method

Hopes without a method to achieve them will remain hopes

W Edwards Deming

Deming on Merit Systems

The merit rating rewards people that conform to the system. It does not reward attempts to improve the system. Don’t rock the boat.

Everyone propels himself forward, or tries to, for his own good, on his own life preserver.

The organization is the loser.

W Edwards Deming

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do and then do your best.

W Edwards Deming

Deming on Quality Inspection

Our system of make and inspect, if applied to making toast, would be expressed as “You burn, I’ll scrape”

W Edwards Deming

Deming on Joy

People are entitled to joy in work

W Edwards Deming

Be Vulnerable
Hold Trust
And Express Appreciation

Jean Tabaka

Meadows on Feedback Loops

Missing feedback is one of the most common causes of system malfunction. Adding or restoring information can be a powerful intervention,

Donella Meadows

Being physically near one another does not make a group a team, nor does reporting to the same boss.

What makes a team is task or emotional interdependence.

Edgar Schein

Kotter on Vision

If you can’t communicate the vision to someone in 5 minutes or less, and get a reaction that signifies both understanding and interest, you are not done.

John Kotter

Marquet on Empowerment Particpation

You cannot enforce participation in an empowerment program.

L David Marquet

Marquet on Emancipation

You know you have an emancipated team, when you no longer need to empower them. In fact you no longer have the ability to. Because they’re no longer relying on you as a source of power.

L David Marquet

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