The Two Agiles

The Two Agiles There are two distinct benefits of Agility. Assuming either is universal and exclusive causes unnecessary conflict: Agilists need to appreciate and value the diversity and find context-specific balance. We are uncovering better ways of developing software says the...

The Cynefin Ogre

The Cynefin Ogre

There’s a lot more to Cynefin than you might think. It’s like an onion. It stinks. And it makes you cry. And it has layers. Work out which Cynefin domain each layer of your endeavour is in (and reassess regularly) to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

How to produce successful change

How to produce successful change

The real power in change comes when you pick up what inherent drives, interests and passions people around you have. Use it by connecting it to the needs and you are very likely to produce effective change. It is the act of inspiring to action.

Disorder: A Cynefin Disaster Movie

Disorder: A Cynefin Disaster Movie One of the biggest technology disasters I’ve seen at ground zero is much more easily understood when it’s viewed through a Cynefin lens. And as you’ll see, this description of Disorder is particularly useful. What is Cynefin? If you don’t know...

Empathetic Coaching

As a community, we claim to value people, yet our practise often conflicts with this. We need to be far better at being empathetic and showing it in our actions as well as our words. So often, people in our community – from a right and proper instinct and...

Download the Boardwalk: Standard Work for Managers

Download the Boardwalk: Standard Work for Managers Download the Boardwalk Template Based on real life situations, and tweaked for the taster workshop that Håkan Forss and I designed and ran at Lean Agile Scotland 2014, here is the standard work template we use for Gemba management. Download PDF: Boardwalk Template...
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