Improving Indian Productivity Tenfold – Why Not?

It’s almost universally accepted as a truism that Indian technical workforces have a fraction of the productivity of European ones and with much lower quality. My own experience tells me that that’s not true – and certainly not universally so. But...

Agile -v- Lean

It’s bothered me for a while now: why do Agile proponents regularly claim that what they are doing is Lean? It’s clearly not – the first item in the Agile Manifesto: we have come to value: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools...

Red Bead Experiment

Classic Deming experiment that shows that all the classic management carrot/stick approaches really don’t work, compared to the constraints of the process. via via via via via via

Agile -v- PMBoK

There’s a good – and so far level-headed – discussion on Agile methods compared to the full PMI PMBoK approach going on over on Linkedin, based on this article. One of the contributions encapsulated quite a lot of insight in a short space, so (with... Online MSProject Viewer

via MS Project is a pain in many ways, and one of them is enabling people without the software to even view your plan. to the rescue! Upload your plan and it turns it into a neat Flash-based doo-dad for viewing. Maybe Flash’s resizability...

The Impact of Process Chaos

Processes fraught with randomness and chaos tend to lead us to incorrect conclusions about what is real, what is possible and what is not. Liker & Meier – The Toyota Way Fieldbook