I’m delighted to announce that once again, I’m speaking at Lean Agile Scotland — the conference that started local and is growing to global stature.

I’m right up at the start of the first day, following the opening keynote. My session is An Introduction to Agile, which for newcomers to this domain will be an opportunity to set the context for and make sense of the following 3 days. I’m very excited for this opportunity!

This is the 6th year I’ve presented at LAScot; a 100% record. Past videos are below.


Dive into A3 Thinking

Talk and followup workshop that coached people through the method

SAFe City Workshop: WSJF Portfolio & Program Prioritisation In Practice

Safe City: Sketchnote by Stuart Young

No video of this workshop I’m afraid.
I was lucky enough to have two talks

Push It Down

Plumbing for Profit

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But don’t hang about, they go fast, and the prices go up from 1st September.

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