Big Bang Enterprise Transformation (your whole organisation changes in one go in unison) is ineffective, and is coercively painful to the people who experience it
We seek to transform a whole enterprise
Different parts of the organisation will start at different times and progress at different rates
Different parts of the organisation start transformation at different times and progress at different rates
All parts of the organisation have not yet completed transformation
Our whole organisation is not organised as productised value streams
Different parts of the organisation will be at different levels of transformation maturity
We seek to deliver complicated customer facing capabilities that require many parts of the organisation coming together
We will have to integrate delivery from organisational units working in different delivery modes

Imagine a banking mobile app that integrates functionality from a highly agile iOS shop, life-cycle customer process, mainframe core banking and outsourced fulfilment centres and credit referencing.

What are your chances that all of those — now, at the end of 2016 — are going to be 100% Agile? You can complain about Bi-Modal being A Dumb Idea all you like. I’m going to refer you to this:

Things will start getting better when we start treating them as they are, not as we’d like them to beTorbjörn Gyllebring

Or, to summarise:

Whether or not Bi-Modal IT is a desired end state, in the transformation interim, it is inevitable. Life will be much better when we deal with this reality rather than denying it.

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