It’s with a heavy heart that next week, I will be leaving Sweden and Avega Group.

I’ve had more joy at work, and out of it, here than I thought possible, and it’s particularly sad to leave when my group at Avega are in the early days of some quite wonderful developments, that I’ve been proud to have been part of, and will definitely follow with keen interest and try very hard to keep up the great relationships I’ve built here.

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Why am I leaving? Sadly, two of my children were really too old (or too young) to make the cultural and linguistic transition, and are struggling here, even though the youngest has flourished. So we have to return to a primarily English language environment, which means Scotland.

However, the compensating factor is that I’m delighted to be joining Rally Software‘s Services Group, as a Transformation Consultant, working with leadership teams in customers to turn up the volume on their Lean/Agile thinking and systemic capability. This is a cross-EMEA role, so I suspect that I’ll be back in Scandinavia on a regular basis.

For my friends here in Sweden, vi ses igen, snart, and for my old friends in Scotland, it’ll be great to be back in amongst ye again.

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