I’m delighted to announce that we (AvegaGroup) will be running Mark Richards’ awesome SAFe City Simulation as a free workshop in Stockholm on 27th August.

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SAFe City: Sketchnote by Stuart Young

SAFe City: Sketchnote by Stuart Young

När:                         2015-08-27  17:00-2x
Plats:                       Elevatelokalen, 3:e plan, Avega Stockholm
Format:                    Hands On Simulation
Målgrupp:                Productledning, Program och Portfolio ledare
Publik:                   Öppet för alla intresserade men bara 20 platser
Förtäring:                 Ja

A consistent problem in product development in large organisations is prioritising multiple stakeholders’ needs within a constrained capacity to produce the best roadmap. Too often this is achieved by loudest voice/biggest boss first scheduling.

This workshop outlines a different method, using Cost of Delay economics to produce a rational sequencing that forms the basis of a roadmap.

Attendees will participate in a simulation that prioritises high level epics, breaks them down into features which are then prioritised and planned in a product roadmap.

For an introduction to the method, please see

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