Given at Scotland Lean Agile Scotland, 11 September 2014

This talk was a real high wire act: using a subject of passionate, vociferous (and yet strangely civilised) debate to talk about organisation change. Fortunately, nobody lynched me!

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A hugely interesting outcome of the Independence Referendum has been the growth in interest in questions that previously only attracted political geeks of the wide staring eyed variety.
The rise in political interest has allowed us to reimagine what kind of country should Scotland be, and how closely should it be adapted to its context, and a conscious seeking of models that might serve as inspiration to what Scotland could be, regardless of the referendum outcome.

  • How should society be structured?
  • What aims should we pursue?
  • How is power legitimised?
  • How is policy developed and implemented?

And above all

  • Where should sovereignty be located?

Similarly, the growth of Agile has significantly raised the awareness of current state in delivery organisations, and along with a deep seated urge for ’better’ an outward quest to find heuristics that might support greater insight and better practise in our organisations.
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Sketchnotes from my Lean Agile Scotland 2014 talk

Sketchnotes from my Lean Agile Scotland 2014 talk by Stuart Young.

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