I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be speaking at Lean Agile Scotland for the third year running. I'm a speaker at Lean Agile Scotland 2014, Sept 11-12

This year, I will have two entirely new sessions, one of which will be 100% unique to this conference.

Talk: Independence, Devo-Max and Centralisation: Power Structures in Delivery Organisations

This is the unique one. This is the only conference and the only week when I can give this. Pivoting wildly from Scotland’s Referendum on Independence which will be held the following week, it explores how Agile is as much a political movement as a process improvement one, and differing approaches to transformation.

Note for those living and voting in Scotland: I will not be telling you how I think you should vote. I don’t live there any more, and thus have excluded myself from officially having a view other than that it’s for you to decide.

Workshop: Building the Boardwalk Empire: Visual Management in Action

I’m extremely happy to be developing and delivering this workshop together with my super smart Avega colleague Håkan Forss.

In this hands-on, experience-based workshop, we’ll be using visual management of risks and issues as a gateway drug to learning gemba-based management behaviours and active coaching dialogues. And maybe just a bit more empathy for PHBs.


At time of writing (7th August), there are still some tickets left, although you have missed the early bird discounts.

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