Slides, video and other coverage from a talk given at ACE! Conference in Kraków, Poland 2014-06-16.

[bs_tabs] [bs_tab title=”Abstract”] An introduction to A3 method; a powerful improvement and problem-solving thinking approach that:

  1. Solves problems effectively
  2. Keeps everyone on-board so they stay solved
  3. Develops problem-solvers

yet is operated on a single piece of paper.

The method originated in write-ups of Toyota’s obsessive problem-solving. It is related to Toyota Kata evangelised by Håkan Forss, and is applicable to a wider range of problems.
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[/bs_tab] [bs_tab title=”Coverage”] Fewer tweets than I’d expected, not least because the venue’s WiFi was overloaded, so we all struggled to get on it. Tobbe had a personal hotspot which got around the problem nicely.

I also received a very nice email from Mike Rother via Håkan wondering if I’d thought about the links between A3 & Kata 🙂
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A3 Template

Based on 5 years’-worth of use and evolution. Comes with completion guidance, presentation hints and tips, method introduction and further reading suggestions.
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For more coverage and other conference talks I’ve given, please go to the Presentations section of the site.

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