I’ve been digging into next-generation organizations in order to help my clients grow and perhaps at some point build one myself. Here are some characteristics I see as common for all such organizations. It is based on the material from the Presencing Institute.

  1. The individual have a generative open presence
  2. Leadership is co-creative and have a collective presence
  3. Conversations breathes collective creativity; people are speaking from what is moving through the group
  4. Organization around what is emerging
  5. Coordination by collective awareness (on a global level) and co-creation.

There are organizations working in this way such as the Swedish Citizen Hive and Italian Cocoon Projects (liquid organization).

What are your thoughts around this? I would love to connect with organizations and individuals who are doing or wants to do this. Give me a ping on my twitter @emilvikstrom, use the comments form below or by other means by going to www.emilvikstrom.com 

Emil Vikström

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