I’m sitting here struggling with my first blog post. I want this blog to be about real things, things that actually have happened. One issue is that I probably don’t want the people I write about to recognize themselves. Since I’m a consultant that could mean short contracts for me. 😉

So, I will probably add or remove stuff to change reality a little bit. In a sense I will lie, but that is only to protect the people I write about. So you’ll have to excuse me in advance.

What should be the first thing I write about? Should I start with the things that is closest to my heart; leadership, lean and agile stuff? Or just funny incidents at work?

I think I know. I start with my personal thoughts on attitude to work.

This was part of my speech on my last day at Ongame (Amaya gaming nowadays). I had struggled a bit of what to say. This was what I came up with. Actually, the attitude at Ongame was so much better than any other attitude I had met before, but still, this was what I said:

It all started with my husband who was annoyed when I kept on saying “we” when I talked about my company. He thought there are no “we”. You must understand that there is no one at that company that would do anything for you if they wouldn’t gain from it. So don’t talk about your company as if they are your family, because they won’t be there when you need them.

Well, in a way he might be right. But for me, personally, that is no fun at all.

I spent a lot of time on that company, so being bored was not an option for me. And for me it’s like being on a party. You can’t show up and expect the others on the party to amuse you. You have to contribute to the mood yourself. The hosts can ensure that the conditions exist to have a successful party, but you have a responsibility, as a guest, that the party will be a success.

There is another attitude to work. This one is the worst I know, because it’s so destructive. The attitude is to think that your job is so important. Your job is not important, if you’re not a doctor or similar. If your company goes bankrupt tomorrow it’s not the end of the world. You will survive and in the end get a new job.

As a friend said to me: The graveyard is full of indispensable people. People who think their job is so important have a tendency to create a sense of panic instead of a sense of urgency. This is destructive. No one can work when people run around, screaming about crisis meetings, how to “secure” stuff and hinders people to actually get things done. These people tend to be always stressed and stresses others.

So, what kind of attitude to work do I like to see and be part of? I want to have fun. I like to have a common target, set together, and fight to reach it, being part of a team. Oh, that nice feeling when you have accomplished something you’re proud of. It’s like sports. Sports are not important at all (I could probably get killed for saying that) but it’s fun. Fighting together to win. To reach that feeling you need to be part of a team. If you’re part of a team you tend to say “we”. So that’s why I say “we” when talking about my company. Well, yes, you lose sometimes. But it’s better to lose together than being alone, being blamed for the loss.

So, have fun, don’t be important!

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