There are many ways to describe what makes an organization Lean and Agile. I find that constantly focusing on the principles of; Value (for the end user), Flow (end-to-end) and Waste (…reduction) is highly effective, especially when working with improvements.

These principles can be translated to a series of questions you can ask about any improvement. The order of the questions is very important in order to not sub-optimize the organization.

  1. Does this contribute to us delivering value to the end user?
  2. Does this contribute to us creating a flow from requirements collection to realized end user value that is as quick as possible?
  3. Tip: If you want to sell the principle of reducing waste to higher management I recommend that you instead talk about reducing delays.

    Does this contribute to us reducing the waste we have in the sub-processes, for example in

    • The size of batches of changes
    • Queues
    • Parallel work
    • Re-work
    • Cycle-times
    • Setup-times

If you use these guiding principles and questions daily I believe you will see that a lot will fall into place; the risk of sub-optimizing parts of the organization will decrease and the focus on improvement will increase.

Emil Vikström

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