I’m excited to announce two new authors for this site: Victoria Normark and Emil Vikström, both super smart colleagues of mine at Avega.

One of the joys of joining Avega has been to suddenly acquire a whole group of like minded, smart and opinionated colleagues. In particular, I’m working together with a little nucleus of Lean thinkers whose abilities and insights impress and challenge me every day. Having access to the collective abilities of this group is one of the most effective ways we can work for customers, which I’m not sure is always reflected in typical time-based contracts.

In this group, most of this blog’s readers will already know Håkan Forss, whose ability to translate Lean theory into powerful and situation-relevant coaching and communication has deservedly seen him nominated twice for the Brickell Key Award. His Lego™-based presentations and illustrations bounce around the world with quite amazing speed. My two other colleagues don’t have this kind of profile, and definitely have lots of really interesting things to say, and I really want to share their views with a far wider audience than in a room with me.

I’m delighted therefore to welcome Victoria Normark and Emil Vikström as co-authors here on Everyday Lean. They’re already listed on the About page, and will both have their own individual author pages in the near future.

Emil has already opened his score with a useful and interesting DevOps checklist, and I know Victoria is working on a whole series of pieces that I’m really excited about. Please join me in welcoming both.

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