In advance of my A3 sessions at Lean Agile Scotland next week, I’ve published the A3 template I’ll be using, plus guidance in using it. This template and guidance has evolved in real world usage over the last four years or more with many teams doing both development and support work, plus a range of other knowledgework processes that support software teams.

Grab the A3 template from my downloads page

Grab the template and guidance from my downloads page.

As well as my introductory talk, I’ll also be running an A3 Dojo, where I’ll coach attendees through the A3 thinking process. If you’d like to attend, it would be enormously helpful if you can bring real problems to use as examples, using the A3 template and the guidance that comes along with it.

If you’ve never done A3s before, I strongly suggest that all you do is the following sections:

  1. Strategic Background
  2. Current Situation
  3. Goal

as an absolute maximum (ideally, just do the first one) and you do them in pencil. You will be making corrections.

Final caveat: consider that A3 is primarily a thinking method, not a document template.

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