As Posterous is officially closing on April 30th, I’m in the position of moving my blog. Again.

As an old friend observed: with free services, you get what you pay for. But I’m too cost-conscious to pay for hosting, and I also like having the control. So I’m shifting to a self-hosted WordPress install, running at home, but with a CDN for additional robustness of performance.

I’m happy to say that at least migrating data out of Posterous into WordPress is pretty painless, unlike certain blog platforms I’ve previously used.

I’m also using this opportunity to start developing a brand around my thinking: Everyday Lean. This is essentially a maturing of the approach I’ve been developing with a few colleagues in IBM AMS, and was outlined in my Lean Agile Scotland 2012 presentation.

This is a wee bit earlier than I’d planned — I’d wanted to flesh out the model a little first — but it’s a good kick start for me.

So, welcome to the new place. It’ll expand and tidy up over time.

The old site will remain as-is until Posterous turn out the lights, after which I may do something to redirect the URLs, but all blogging will be here from now on.

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