…is its simplicity.

At its heart, it’s only 5 simple rules:

  1. Visualise the work
  2. Map the process (ideally end to end)
  3. Limit WiP
  4. Empower the team to self-manage
  5. Keep improving

And you get feedback really quickly and in a way that forces you to do something about it:

If the stories are too large, nothing moves on the board. If you make your work-in-progress limits too large, nothing moves on the board. If you have a bottleneck, nothing moves on the board.

Anyone can see lack of board movement and say, “Hey, nothing is moving on the board. Do we need to do something about that?”


Originally posted on my Martin Burns: PM PoV at http://writing.easyweb.co.uk/the-thing-i-love-about-kanban

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