A small piece of administrivia and personal announcement.

Having spent three very happy years at my current customer — where I’ve learned a great deal from clients and colleagues alike — it’s time to move on.

From 26th September I will be joining IBM’s UK & Ireland Lean deployment team, and I’ll be dedicated to our Application Management contracts.

I believe this is Lean’s sweet spot in Software, as it’s largely based on a high volume of small fixes and enhancements, each of which delivers customer value on its own, without needing to be batched up into projects, with the non-value-adding effort (aka 90% of Project Management methodologies) required to manage that complexity and the risk it brings.

I’m also expecting that the new role will give me more latitude to think about Lean’s use in a software environment, to creatively engage with others inside and outside IBM, to test ideas (Lean being — at heart — an empirical method), and to articulate the thought process and its results.

All in all, I should have more time for reading and speaking and blogging about Lean.

And the job title? IBM has a Lean certification scheme analagous to Six-Sigma belts; I’m being encouraged to certify as a Lean Coach (equivalent to Black Belt), but I’m not (yet) convinced that it adds value. Besides, the lowest certification — Lean Change Agent — suits me just fine.

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