Received from a colleague today who I’ve been coaching in some basic Test disciplines

I think the biggest thing we need to do on this project is to change the culture so that the teams do run the unit tests and do the code reviews and have a better sense of not just getting code out of the door but getting the quality right. 

How best to turn this around when busy developers who are up against a time-line? 

  •  Maybe get the Team leader to pass on the key “ways of working” messages in the team meetings? 
  •  Write them up on a board, so they’re visible eg never knowingly pass on a defect and never accept a defect was a good one

Sounds like an old-school “beat up the team to meet a deadline” type project, which can’t see the Waste in front of it, and doesn’t understand its work as a process.

Or, to put it another way, an ideal candidate for some Lean Thinking.

I’ve suggested they look at Kanban as an easy way into doing it better, but I suspect there’s scope for Kaikaku as well as Kaizen.

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