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So this is why I’m a bit busy at the moment: 14 simultaneous projects to run, from relatively small 30d pieces up to 600d, multi-release beasts. And despite having an entirely constrained (and stretched) team size, stakeholders are still trying to shovel more in.

The screenie is from our PM tool: Rational Portfolio Manager, and each line is a project, with a full plan beneath it. You’ll note that we’ve recently started to track effort in it as well as schedule (and Risks, Issues, Actions & Changes). With a portfolio of this size, I couldn’t live without it (or something equivalent). The thought of managing on just MS Project plus spreadsheets gives me the screaming heebiejeebies.

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Martin Burns

EMEA Director, Digital Advisory & Consulting Services at HCL Enterprise Studio
Previously: Leader of software delivery portfolios in large scale orgs.
Specialism: Transforming complex delivery organisations to be more Lean/Agile.
Mindset: Continuous Improvement Obsessive
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