1. To deliver the agreed scope of the project on time, on budget and to specification
  2. To co-ordinate the workstream leaders to deliver the project
  3. To gain sign-off from key stakeholders (including project sponsor)
  4. To proactively manage the project Risks, and ensure adequate response plans are in place and being followed
  5. To provide timely updates to the Project Board
  6. To ensure that estimates are Robust
  7. To ensure that requested changes are fully assessed for impact to time, budget & specification before implementation


  1. Detailed delivery plan
  2. Detailed costing for the delivery and regular commentary on variance in spend against forecast
  3. Detailed resource plan
  4. Risk Mitigation plan
  5. Weekly project status reports including progress against plan, issues & risks
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Martin Burns

EMEA Director, Digital Advisory & Consulting Services at HCL Enterprise Studio
Previously: Leader of software delivery portfolios in large scale orgs.
Specialism: Transforming complex delivery organisations to be more Lean/Agile.
Mindset: Continuous Improvement Obsessive
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