We look at a different world, a future, perfect world, because it is where the promise is. Science fiction is a popular genre in movies and books because it opens the eyes to what is possible. Since I was in my teens (quite a few years back), I’ve seen movies featuring flying cars. Do we have them? No. Do I hope we do some day? Sure! Is there some scientist somewhere trying to make it happen? I certainly hope so. We step into the future thanks to people who envision the world as it could be.

In Project Management, there is an ideal. There is a standard to which we should try to hold our organisations. There can be better and more effective project management if we are willing to acknowledge that business as usual is not business as it should be. Suppose the certification exam’s “perfect world” started becoming reality. The changes in the project management environment would be dramatic.

The point is that we need to acknowledge that PMI® and the other certifying bodies are working toward an environment where we have consistent best practice. They have to test to the ideal, or else the ideal will never be achieved.

Source: Projectsmart.co.uk

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